Frosh Week, but designed for YOU

CanGap's 3rd Annual Gap Year Frosh Week coming September 2022!

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Four years of hard work and YOU made it through (even under the most unimaginable circumstances!). Now, the world awaits you, but you’re exhausted and the thought of what’s next is a little scary.


Although last year didn’t exactly go as planned (too much zoom, no prom, a virtual graduation), this year ahead of you is YOURS to mold.


Sure, you may be watching your friends get ready for their uni Frosh Week, making new friends and getting their party on.  BUT...they’re doing the mainstream thing and won’t have access to the flexibility and possibilities of what’s ahead of you this gap year.

So, stop second guessing yourself!


It's time to reward your amazing decision and kick your FOMO in the butt.

If you're looking to...

Make new friends who value adventure, entrepreneurship, growth & health

Get ahead on your gap year goals

Create a network of mentors, leaders & coaches

Start travel planning

We got you covered.


We’ve created a space where NO ONE will ask you to explain what a gap year is and why you’re taking one. Instead, we’re celebrating your choice because, well, we get it!


Launch into your unique year of self discovery, growth, and adventure with Gap Year Frosh Week.

What's going down at this year's Frosh Week?


...with our growing community of Gappers and Alums to chat plans, ask questions, and get excited about what’s to come this year.

IMMERSE... workshops that speak to you - from how to get started on planning your travels to entrepreneurship and managing your holistic health.


...nightly activities, from trivia to improv, where you get to know our Gapper community and WIN awesome prizes (like seriously awesome...).

Plus, sit back and get a dose of inspiration from our line-up of speakers.

Sam Demma

Speaker and Coach

Coach Carey

Certified Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

Sandi Boucher

Inspirational Speaker and Best-Selling Author

Michelle Dittmer

Entrepreneur and Gap Year Expert

How do you make the most of your Gap Year?

Connect with the right people.

So, Hollywood may have undersold Frosh Week just a little.


Frosh isn’t just about the party. It’s about building lifelong friendships, defining who you are outside of a classroom, and connecting with inspiring leaders, speakers, and mentors as you start your journey.


(But, yes, we’ll also party.)


Join us all three nights OR pick what suits your interests and schedule best.


That’s what we’re here for: to celebrate and support you in making every exciting decision this year.


So, will we see you there?

What our alums are saying about

Gap Year Frosh Week

This event not only gave me the inspiration to be creative and to get out of my comfort zone, but it also gave me tangible tools to carry those ideas out! My favourite part of all of this was that I realized that there are truly people, organizations and institutions out there that really want to see us young people succeed. For so long I thought that I was on my own, but I realized that if you look a little bit deeper there's a wealth of knowledge, resources and information designed to help us young people who aren't in school. Having this event free also helped me tremendously as I probably wouldn't have attended otherwise. I am now motivated and ready to kick off my gap year journey!

ES, 2020 Gap Year Frosher

Before attending Gap Year Frosh week, I felt lost in the direction that I wanted to take with my gap year. Many of my previous travel plans had been canceled due to COVID-19, and I felt unsure of what I was now going to do with this next year. After listening to the many different speakers and gap year alumni, I feel that I have gained insight and knowledge into what makes a successful gap year (even while staying near home). Most importantly however, I feel less alone as a venture off into the unknown territory of my gap year. It was hard seeing many of my friends begin university, and I felt alone in many of the struggles I was facing. Meeting and hearing from people who are and have been in similar situations was very reassuring and reminded me that I am not alone.

Cass, 2020 Gap Year Frosher

Where exactly is this incredible, exciting, fun and amazing Gap Year Frosh Week happening?

Hint: NOT on Zoom!


We know you’re Zoomed out (heck, so are we!). 


Gap Year Frosh Week will be hosted on Hop In, a platform that literally lets you hop around from our main stage to breakout events.

Watch this quick video to see what to expect.

Got questions? We got answers!

Does it cost anything to attend?

Do I need to be on a gap year to attend?

I’m taking a break from my college/university program. Is this event relevant to me?

Do I need to attend live?

Do I need to keep my camera on?

What am I really going to get out of this?

Will I be able to connect with other Gappers?

How many people will be attending?

Are the speakers and facilitators being paid?

Is it going to be fun?

A special shout out to our Gap Year Frosh Week sponsors!